"Hisaya-Odori Koen" at the center of Nagoya

Hisaya-odori Park consists of several small areas and
each of them has characteristic name

River Park

Sydney Plaza
Replica of the anchor of H.M.S.SIRIUS.
(The flagship of "First Fleet" to Australia)

Nanjing Plaza
Image of Nanjing City
The monuments were presented from Nanjing City
(sister city of Nagoya)

Plaza of Relaxation/Ikoi no Hiroba
Image of Mexico City

Los Angeles Plaza/Los Angeles Hiroba
Image of Los Angeles

Central Bridge

Central Park

Map of Central Park (Under Ground)

Garden of Sculpture/彫刻の庭/Chokoku no Niwa

Tower Plaza/タワー広場/Tower Hiroba

Mochinoki Plaza/もちの木広場/Mochinoki Hiroba

Plaza of Hope/Kibo no Hiroba

Bus terminal

Angel Park

Plaza of Love/Ai no Hiroba

Angel Plaza/Angel Hiroba

Angel Bridge

Hisaya Plaza/Hisaya Hiroba

Plaza of Light/Hikari no Hiroba
Stairs look like waves Image of boat ?
A boat and waves ?
This spot is sometimes used like a theatre.
A laser beam radiate from the top of the conic
objet d'art (fountain). This is the reason of
"Plaza of Light"

Sakae Hiroba


Crystal Hiroba

Crystal Hiroba is located at the center of Sakae Chika (Sakae Underground Shopping Mall)
and is one of the most popular meeting spots in Sakae.

Sakae Map

Kikuko's Useful Map