138 Tower Park

There is a 138-meter-tall tower called " Twin Arch 138" which has
an observation room 100 meters above the ground.
It provides a 360-degree view of the Nobi Plain.
You see JR Central Towers (Twin Towers of Nagoya Station) far away.

Free (Charged for entering Twin Arch 138.)

Admission for Twin Arch 138
Elevator Adults (15 or older) 500yen
Children (6 -14) 200yen
Preschoolers (4 - 5) 100yen
Age 65 or older 250yen
(Specific days only)
- 100yen
(insurance fee)

9:30-17:00 (Weekdays)
9:30-21:00 (Saturday, Sunday, holiday, August1-31 and November 23- December25)

2nd Monday of each month except for Augustand December.
(Closed on Tuesday if Monday falls on a national holiday.)
December 26 - 30

21-3, Aza Urazaki, Oaza Komyoji, Ichinomiya C. Aichi Pref.

Get off at Meitetsu Ichinomiya Sta. on the Meitetsu Line or
Owari-Ichinomiya Sta. on the JR Line.
Take a Meitetsu bus bound for Sango Nishi.
After a 20-min. ride, get off at the Komyoji stop.
A 5-min. walk.

Take the Ichnomiya-Kisogawa exit on the Meishin Expressway.
Drive northbound on route 22 approx. 20 min.