Total length of the bridge: 119meters
(Pratt truss part [pin-connected truss]: 85.3meters)
width: 5.5meters

Koya-Kosenkyo bridge is located west of Komeno Station on the Kintetsu Line.(10 min. walk from the sation)

It was originaly made in USA (A&P Roberts Co.Ltd.) in 1899 as a bridge of Hozu River in Kyoto.
Hozu River has been polular with "Hozugawa-kudari" (Boat tours of Hozu River).
So, at that time, it was made as a very long bridge without bridge pier on the riverbed .

It was built over the JR Kansai Line, Aonami Line and Kintetsu Nagoya Line in 1930.
You cal also watch Shinkanse in the distance from the bridge.
The view from here is nice.

Some people love to watch trains.
Even it was a cold day, they were waiting running trains.

Foreign Minister of Japan, Seiji Maehara, is known as a railway fan.(Jan. 2011)

Popular new words
Tetchan/S Railway fan -
Tetsu/S Railway fan
(They love trains as a machine)
Nori-tetsu/S Love to ride trains
Tori-tetsu/BS Love to take photos of a train
Tori-tetsu/^S Love to collect sounds of stations
(bell, sounds from train, music, etc.) and/or taking movies, etc.
Soshiki-tetsu/S Love almost retired car or railway, etc.
Tetsuo/Sj Male railway fan -
Tetsuko/Sq Female railway fan Solo-Ttetsu/\S Not married railway fan
Mama-tetsu/}}S Mother who is addicted to railways with her children
Female railway fan who has limited interest.

ex./Female who love to travel on a train and/or
who love "Ekiben"(train lunch/boxed meals sold at stations)
and/or who love to visit some local place by train and eat local cuisine, etc.
Ko-tetsu/qS Reilway-fan-child -
Tetsu-Ota/SI^ railway Otaku -
Tetsu-Doru/Sh An idol star who loves railway ex. Kimura YukoؑTq
Tetsubun/S Degree or level or stature
about railway
(Real meaning of "Tetsubun" is iron)
"lit. iron deficiency"
Luck of knowledge about railway
"lit. iron-rich"
Railway fan who has a good deal of knowledge
Tetsubun-Hokyu/S⋋ Act in the spirit of the strategic notion
about his interest of railway
Hi-tetsu/S Not a railway fan -

Komeno-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya