rakkyo shallot (bulb)
ramen lamian
randoseru school bag carried on one's back..
especialy used for elementary school children
a girl likes red one and a boy black.
rejibukuro a plastic bag from supermarket or convenience store
renkon lotus root
Renkon is a kind of good luck vegetable and
is used it for osechi-ryori.
We can see our future through the holes ??? : ))
renriboku Entwined trees
Renriboku is a symbol of pledged love or a happy couple.
rentogen X ray
Rifo-mu (Reform)
- Remodel
@Seeking Divorce
Ri means rikon @and Katsu means katsudo .
New words.
=> Konkatsu
ringo apple
rittai-chuusha-jo multi-level parking
robai Winter sweet
rokurokkubi one of the traditional Japanese hobgoblins in folk tales.

She/he has a neck flexibly extendable.
- The Rokuyo are a series of six days which predict whether there will be good or bad fortune during that day. The day of wedding and funeral are often decided by them.
sensho Before noon Good luck,
After noon Bad luck
Tomobiki F Good luck day except noon.
Noon Bad luck
Your misfortunes affect your friends.
Good day for wedding.
Funerals should be avoided.
Senbu Before noon Bad luck,
After noon Good luck
Butsumetsu Unluckiest day Wedding should be avoided
Taian Luckiest day Good day for wedding
Shakko Ԍ Bad luck day except noon.
Noon Good luck
If you check the Japanese calendar, you will find the Rokuyo.
romen-densha streetcar
rosoku candle
rotemburo open air bath, rotemburo