Today, we seldome see this type of ubaguruma.
Uchiage hanabi bottle rocket, mine
uchide no kozuchi a mallet of luck

almost the same with an Aladdin's lamp
a formal gown worn over a bride's white wedding kimono.

There are two types: white uchikake and colored one called "iro-uchikake"
a flat paper fan used to keeo oneself cool and
also to kindle a fire in place of
a bellows.
udemakuri roll (turn) up one's sleeves
udo A kind of mountain vegetable.
Native vegetable of Japan.
Tip of udo is a good ingredient of tempura, and
main part is tasty with miso.
Udo no taiboku - Big useless fellow/ big oaf
taiboku means big tree.
Very young udo is eatable, but when it grows we can not eat it.
As it grows approx. 2m, it's too soft and can't use it as a timber.
Then "Udo no taiboku" means a person who is good at nothing.
white noodles made from wheat flour
the flour is kneaded, then rolledout and cut into long strips
eaten with a dip or in a soup with minced green onion
ukai cormorant fishing
uma horse
uma no toh
"Uma no Toh" of Osu Kannon temple
umibiraki The opening of the beach to swimmers.
We have Shinto ceremony at the beach to pray safety.
unagi no kabayaki broiled eel with special sweet sauce
Ishiki-cho (Aichi Pref.) is a major souce
of cultivated eel.
Unagi no nedoko -
lit. a bed for eel
A house or room that is long and narrow.
You can see lots of "Unagi no nedoko" houses in Kyoto.
This was for tax purposes in the Heian period.
unajuu square or rectanglar lacquer ware of eel and rice

delicious !
Urajiro a variety of fern
usagi rabbit
hare (no-usagi)
Usokae Shinji Changing Uso Ritual
Uso is a bullfinch, but the same sound "Uso" means lie.
People change toy uso each other and wish a new year be full of the truth.
usuzumi-zakura one of the three great cherry trees in Japan
in Neodani, Gifu Pref.
1,500 years old. 17.2m in height
take JR Tokaido Line for Oogaki.
change the train at Oogaki Sta. to Tarumi-tetsudo Line.
get off at Tarumi Sta.
walk 10 minutes.
utatane nap
short sleep