Aichi Farm

愛知牧場/Aichi Bokujo

Beautiful Poppy Field (May 21)

The hill is impressive at any time of the year as each season offers something different:
the flower of cole in early spring, poppy in late spring, sunflower in summer and cosmos in autumn.

Colza Poppy Sunflower Cosmos

Putter golf course(18-hall) Elem. schooler and over.
Holiday: Tuesday(If Tue.
Horseback riding Hand milking experience/ 400yen/Sat., Sun & national holiday
(You can watch machine milking from 2nd floor of milking
parlor between 15:30 and 17:00 everyday)
Cowhouse BBQ Garden BBQ / You can bring your own ingredients.
You can also buy them there at the BBQ reception.
Reservations are required.
Touch animals at "Doubutsu Hiroba"
Admission: Sat. Sun. & national holiday 300yen
Weekday: 100yen
Trucktour (15 min.) /Sat. Sun and national holiday
300yen / age of 3 or over
11:00-12:00, 13:30-15:00
Young cows
Kids love this experience.
Relax Animal place "Doubutsu Hiroba"

* You can watch

Horseback riding holded the reins by stuff
Pony: 2-year old to 2nd grade of elementary school (800yen or 500yen <half course> )
Thoroughbred: 5-year and over (1,000yen)
10:00-12:00, 13:30-16:00
Closed: Tuesday
(If Tuesday falls on a national holiday, the following day)

Soft Cream (Soft Serve Ice Cream) is
one of the most popular sweets here

977 Minamiyama, Komenogi, Nisshin C. Aichi Pref.

Get off at Kurozasa
黒笹Sta. on the Meitetsu Toyota Line
which is linked to the Tsurumai Subway Line.
Go along the along the elevated railway toward Komenogi
米野木 Sta.
Go until the Expressway, and turn to right.
Go along the expressway, you see Aichi Farm on the right side.
A 10-min. walk. from the Kurozasa Station.


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