Akamaru Shinji
(lit. Red Circle Ritual)

 photo by Itchan

In the Edo era, infectious diseases were rampant and so many children died.
So people built "Chigonomiya-sha" shrine and enshrined the deity
who protect children.
Then the rampant spread of diseas came to an end.

As an event as a token of their gratitude, traditional Chinese herbal therapy called BeniRyohou gÖ@ was taken and
it became Akamaru Shinji. So, Akamaru Shinji was originally a pharmaceutical event.
Today, Akamaru Shinji is held to pray for children's good health.


BeniRyouhou is a treatment with and natural red pigment from safflower.
It is said that safflower pigment makes autonomic nerve activate, then treat internal organs and tissues of the human body.
They rub safflower pigment into an acupuncture point and stimulate.
However it was very expensive and only rich people could use it..