Atsuta Festival/ Reisai
(Atsuta Matsuri)

Atsuta Jingu/Atsuta Shrine
June 5th

lantern decoration called makiwara

In the daytime, many people come to pray and
enjoy the offering events. In the evening, they enjoy
night stalls, beautiful lanterns and fireworks.

This is the annual most important and also solemnity festival of Atsuta Shrine.
It is held on June 5th of each year.
The Emperor's messenger comes to Atsuta Shrine.
10:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m. they have special ceremony in front of the main shrine.
We can view it.

Around 10:00 a.m. performances start to be dedicated.
19:45 .- 21:00 fire works display.
(You can view the fireworks better from near Shirotori park/15-min. walk from Atsuta shrine)

The most important ceremony of Atsuta Shrine
The seating order is decided by their position in
Atsuta Shrine. The priest sit on the
most right wearing bla
kimono is the Guuji or top prieat.
Head priests receive the
keys of the main shrine
Put the offering The Emperor's messenger Shinto priests rocked
the door
of main shrine

Events are dedicated to gods and goddesses
tea ceremony noh kendo

Bonote, Judo, Kyudo, Karaoke, Flower arrangement, etc.

night stands
kingyo-sukui or
goldfish scoop
plastic masks takoyaki or round
cake contain octopus
apple candies girls in yukata yaki-tomorokoshi or
roasted sweetcorn

1|P|P Jingu-Nishi, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya
TEL: (052) 671-4151

Get off at Jingu-Nishi Sta. on the Meijo Subway Line
Take exit No.2
Walk 7 minutes

Get off at Tenma-cho Sta. on the Meijo Subway Line.
Take exit #1
Walk 7 min.

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