Butsudan Kuyo-sai
(Memorial service for Buddhist altars)

March 27th (annual)

It is said that a Buddhist altar can be keep in good condition at least 100 years.
However, because of many reasons, we sometimes do away with it.
Butsudan Kuyou-sai is a special event to hold a memorial service and for an old Buddhist altar and thank it.

According to Nihon-shoki (the oldest chronicles of Japan), Emperor Tenmu orderd people on March 27th, 685 (Hakuho 15),
to keep Buddhist altar in each family to worship and hold memorial service.
Therefore, the organization of Buddhist altar starts to hold this festival on March 27th in Osu-Kannon since 1984.

A buddhist altar is carried on parade from Bansho-ji (temple) to Oosu-Kannon (temple) at 11:00a.m..
At the ceremony, a sutura is recited and the butsudan (Buddhist altar) is cremated in front of the spectators.

Butsudan Procession Carring a butsudan
Purification by scattering salt .
. Recite sutras
Light a holy fire Carry the fire
Ignition Chant a sutra

Free shiratama-zenzai service Demonstration

You can see how to make a Buddhist altars on that day.
Free Shiratama-zenzai (sweet hot drink. made from red beans) is served.

Get off at Osu-Kannon sta. on the subway Tsurumai line