Inuyama Campground


Approx 50 min. from Nagoya

1 Take route 41 (Komaki IC => Shimizu IC => Katabira IC )
2 Follow the ad. of Fuji Country "͋y(Shiokawa-club)". Turn left at the Katabira IC.
3 Turn right at the next traffic signal. Follow the information sign of "͋y(Shiokawa-club)"
4 You will see "{CSty(Nihon Rhine Golf Club) on the left. Then turn right at the first traffic signal.
5 Follow the information sign of "͋y(Shiokawa-club)" and drive to the south.
6 You will see the main gate of "͋y(Shiokawa-club)" on the left, and go along a road.
7 You will find fruits farms. Go along a road.
8 You will see a pond called "Tr(Kamewari-Oike)" on your left, then turn to left at the T-junction.
9 You will find an information sign of "RLv(Inuyama Campground) at the corner of Grapes farm.
Then follow the sign.(Turn to right)

Camping & BBQ