Gifu Ume Matsuri

Chindon-ya is a group of ding-dong musical band for publicity, though they are pretty uncommon now.
They publicize a sale of shop opening or at some local shopping mall, changing of "pachinko" machines, etc.
"Chindon" consists of two words, one is "chin" which comes from the sound of
gong, and "don" from the sound of drum they play.

 Chindon Parade
Chin-don-ya in the Ume Festival of Gifu is organized by amateur people who love entertainment and want to keep up the tradition.
(members: teacher of Japanese traditional musical instlments, fireman, housewife, farmer, etc.)

Practice of most popular Chin-Don music
"Utsukushiki Tennen VR
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A lion dance performer and  Nagoya Univ. International students