There are 11,991 coffee shops in Aichi Prefecture ( in 2001 )
This means 1/8 of coffee shops in Japan are in Aich Pref

Accordind to the investigation of the household economy
by Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications,
Nagoya city is number 2 in Japan with regards to coffee shop expenditure.
So it's easy to see how much Nagoyans love coffee

In fact, as early as the 7th Lord Tokugawa Muneharu time
in Owari area (west half of Aichi Pref.)
tea ceremonies had become popular among rich people and they enjoyed it a lot.
Even after World War II, for a few years people had been enjoyed tea ceremony
for a break with simple tools while they work in the field.
Nagoyans have loved tea even since the Edo period.
Now coffee or other beverages take the place from tea,
but Nagoyans still are addicted to caffeine

Aside from that, today people enjoy the mood or the air of the coffee shops
like back ground musics, adornment, comic books, etc

At a coffee shop "Morning"means "morning service"and that coffee
which is ordered in specific hour before lunch time comes with
extra foods like toast and boiled eggs that are served for free
during this time