New Year Parade and Demonstration of Fire Department Brigades

2nd Sunday of January
10:00a.m. - 11:30a.m.

Water-discharge exercise from the water cannon boat

More than 2000 firefighters form up in line Approx. 1,8000 - 20,000 Spectators Helicopter fly to come just in front of us.
They show us high technique.
Parade of firefighters Red smoke from helicopters Approx 60 various fireengines are passing
Have you ever seen this kind of fireengines ? Three kinds of water cannon boats Firemen Brass Band

We will have several huge earthquakes in Tokai region including Aichi Pref near future.
So, they show training session including a variety of mock situations and emergencies.


Work on the assumption that a taffic accident happened
by an earthquake. Save a driver.

Vehicle fire happened

Fire fighting ship

Preparation for spraying of water

Water-discharge display

Nagoyashi Shobo-kyoku Somu-ka

Get off at Nagoyako Sta. on the Meiko Subway Line.
Take exit #.
Walk 2 min.