Dohyo Festival
(Dohyo Matsuri)


Aichi Pref. Gym

Dohyo-matsuri is a Shinto ceremony to pray for safety of sumo tournament
held one day before the first day on a new sumo ring,

A head gyoji who takes a role of main priest read a norito which called "Kojitsugonjo ̎". pour sake on four corners. where four tassel are hunged above.
They show four seasons and each season's gods are there..
They bury 6 good luck items which called "Shizumemono"(Washed rice, Kachiguri[dried chest nuts], surume[dried
squid], Kombu [dried kelp], salt & Kay-no-mi [fruits of Torreya nucifera]),in a center of the sumo wrestling ring, then pour sake there.
Sumo was originaly a kind of Shinto event to tell whether crops would be good or not.
Very short ceremony, but good chance to view tradition.

Put "Shizumemono" into the hole at the center of the sumo wrestling ring

Please don't speak while the ceremony's going.(You may take photos)

The drumming teams travel around the city to inform that sumo tornament will start