Dragon God Festival
Special Prayer for the Victory over the Pennant Race

Day of the first exhibition game

Dragon God Shrine
in Rokusho Shrine

Dragon God Shrine/Ryujin-sha

This ceremony has been held since 1998 (the 2nd anniversary of Nagoya Dome).
Mr. Sato, the former president of Chunichi Dragons, knew by chance
that Dragon God is enshrined at Ryujin Shrine (Dragon Shrine) in the Rokusho Shrine yard.
He visited and prayed for a victory, and Dragons achieved three straight victories twice (six wins).
"Six wins" in Japanese is "Rokusho", which is the same pronounciation with the name of shrine.
After that, the president and players of Chinichi dragons come and pray for the victory
on the first day of the exbition games each year.

1-6-37 Yada-Minami, Higashi-ku, Nagoya
TEL: 052-711-3609


Get off at Nagoya Dome-mae Yada sta. on the Meijo subway line.
approx. 8-min. walk

Get off at Ozone sta. on the subway Meijo line or JR Chuo line.
approx. 10-min. walk.

2-min. walk from Yada-Minami bus stop (City bus