Japanese drums are called taiko.
We have various kinds of taiko in Japan and use different ones depending on the purpose..

Oodaiko or a large barrel shaped, nailed drum, is used for a festival like a photo above.
The body is usually made of hollowed wood and covered with cow's leather on both sides
and struck with thick wooden sticks called bachi.

Recently music played by this type of taiko has become sophisticated as music
and has popularized..
Some taiko groups hold their own taiko concerts and lots of people enjoy it.
Kodoh, Ondekoza, Honoo-daiko etc. are famous taiko groups in Japan.

Hayashi Eitetsu is a prince of taiko players.


Shime-daiko or laced drum is used in Kagura, noh and Kabuki, etc.
It is sectional and the sound is controled by how tightly the rope fastened .


Tsuri-daiko is used for Gagaku or court music.

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