Eyohdo Shinji
(lit. drunk laugh people ritual)

May 4th 7:00p.m.- 7:45p.m.
Atsuta Shrine

Wat ha ha ha ha, Wat ha ha ha ha, Wat ha ha ha ha

The origin of this ritual came from the story of Kusanagi-no-tsurugi (the treasure sword).

the third priest from the left is blowing a flute visit four places in the Atsuta Shrine ceremny is held in the dark

According to the Nihon-shoki (the oldest chronicles of Japan), a priest named Dohgyoh
stole the sword in 668 (in the period of Emperor Tenji).
He tried to escape from Japan and wanted to go to Shiragi (ancient Korean kingdom),.
However, on the way to Shiragi, he had rough weather and had to return.
Since then, the sword had been kept in the Imperial Palace in Nara.
Then, the next Emperor Tenmu suffered from severe sickness.
People feel something bad, and divined about what happened.
According to the augury, it was caused by curse of Kusanagi-no-tsurugi.
Then the sword "Kusanagi-no-tsurugi" was returned to Atsuta Shrine in 686.
Shinto priests rejoiced in the restoration very much
though it is one of the Three Sacred Treasures ( Sword, Mirror and Jewels) of Emperor.

after "laughing"in front of Seisetsu-mon gate

There is a gate named Seisetsu-mon which has never been opened since then.
It is said that Dogyo stole the sword through this gate, so priests closed it not to be taken it out any more

Around 6:30p.m., sixteen Shinto priests in kariginu (a kind of formal kimono)
make a line in front of Kaguraden and have purification ceremony.
Then around 7:00p.m. they visit Yougonoma-sha, which is next to the car purification place.
First, a priest open a box and put a mask into his sleeve.
He hit the mask in his sleeve three times with a fan called chuukei and laugh "Oho, oho, oho ohoho....",
then after the sound of flute, other priests start to laugh three times loudly together.."Wathatha, wathatha, wathatha"
No norito (ritual Shinto prayer), no offering and no lights.
Anyone must not see the mask..
Then they visit Kaguraden, Betkuu Hakken-guu and Seisetsu-mon, and have the same ceremony in each place.

Get off at Jingu-Nishi on the subway Meijo line.
Take exit 2.
Walk 7 min.

Atsuta Shrine
TEL: 052-671-4153