Fireworks as No. 1

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The largest
firework rocket
Katagai Festival/
Asahara-Jinja Autumn Festival

19:30 - 22:20
Asahara-Jinja (shrine), Katagai-cho, Ojiya C. Niigata Pref. Katagai Fireworks Association

Ojiya City Kanko-ka

This is the world 's largest rocket.

The size of rocket is 1.2m (4ft) in diameter and 420kg (926lb). A 5.2m (17ft) high and 1.8cm thikness iron tube is used to launch. A crane is used to settle the rocket.
The diameter of the firework is 800m (875yd)

In Katagai Festival, we can view two displays of
this largest size rocket..
The smallest
firework rocket
- - - -
Also the samallest in the world

It's 1cm(0.39in) in diameter and 10cm(3.9in) high tube
is used to launch.
A firework displays at 2m(78.8in) high with
approx 10 blue or green sparcling stars.
It's almost the same size with a pachinko ball.

This fireworkes was made by Mr. Matsunaga, who works for AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), for the purpose of demonstration.
Most costly
fireworks display
PL Fireworks Art

(The founder's Festival ?)
August 1 (annual)


Perfect Liberty
head church

Tondabayashi C.
Osaka Pref.
PL Dai-honcho

This Firework festival is hold as a PL's ritual.
So, the good seats are kept for the believers.
Non-belivers also can view the displays, but it's very hard to get good positions because of the configuration.

More than 120,000 rockets ! are launched in 1 hour.
At the last moment, 8000 rockets explode almost at the
same time. It is said that the PL fireworks festival is the No. 1 in the world of its number, variety, direction and procession. It costs approx. 150,000,000 yen.
Fireworks competition
The two greatest

Fireworks display competition in Omagari

(Zenkoku Hanabi Kyogikai
Omagari no Hanabi)
4th Satuday of August

Omono River riverside
Akita Pref.
Omagarishi Shoko-kaigisho
The top level fireworks display.

Artists compete to win the Prime Minister Prize, etc.

Fireworks display competition in Tsuchiura

(Tsuchiura Zenkoku Hanabi Kyogikai)
1st Saturday of October lower of Sakuragawa-Gakuen

The top level fireworks display.

Artists compete to win the Prime Minister Prize, etc.
The Best
Firework display
on the water

Lake Suwa, Lake Festival Fireworks display

(Suwako Kojo-sai Hanabi Taikai)

August 15(annual)
41,000 rockets
1st Sunday of September
(New design fireworks competition)
Lake Suwa, Suwa C.

Nagano Pref.
Suwa Shiyakusho Kanko-ka

The reflection of the fireworks display
on the water is beautiful.
Most popular
firework Festival
the photographers

Miyajima Water Fireworks Display

(Miyajima Suichu Hanabi Taikai)
August 14
Miyajima-cho, Saeki-gun,

Hiroshima Pref.
Miyajima-cho Kanko-kyokai
Photographers want to take photos of fireworks behind the Torii gate of Itsukushima Jinja (shrine)
amount of
production of rockets
No.1 Nagano Pref./No.2 Niigata Pref. / No.3 Shizuoka Pref. / No.4 Ibaragi Pref / No.5 Chiba Pref.