Fresh Water Swimming Spots
Near Nagoya & accessible by public transportation

It's sometimes dangerous to swim in the river.
Water is very cold. It often contain dangerous swirls.
Please be very careful when you accross to the other side of the river.

You must not swim in a swollen river!

The Nagara River flows through Gifu City

Prefesture Place, Transportation Inquiries  
Aichi Pref.
Iwayado Natural Pool 岩屋堂天然プール in Seto City

Get on the Meitetsu Seto Line at Sakae.
Get off at Owari Seto 尾張瀬戸 Sta.
Take the Meitetsu Bus going towardShinano 品野 and
get off at ShinanoHonmachi 品野本町.
A 20-min. walk.
0561-85-2730 July 9 - August 31, 2016

Depth: 5 - 70 cm

Good for kids and family

Admission: Free
Gifu Pref. 
Yoshida River in GujoHachiman

Take the 9:00 Gifu Bus (Shirakawago Line 白川郷線) from
Meitetsu Bus Center (3F #7 stop) in Nagoya
Get off at GujoHachiman Jokamachi Plaza 郡上八幡城下町プラザ
 Stop.(1h 15 min. 2,060 yen)

If the bus is not full, you are able to have a seat without
reservation. But I recommend you to make reservation.
Gifu Bus Reservation Center: TEL: 058-240-0489
(week day 9:00-18:00, Sat, Sun,NH 9:00-17:00)

There are streets with a lots of
atmosphere in Gujohachiman City.

Upper strem and down stream of
Miyake-bashi Bridge.

Nagara River in Mino City (Near Minobashi Bridge)

Take the Meitetsu Bus from Meitetsu Bus Center
in Nagoya or OASIS 21 Bus Center in Sakae
.(Kosoku-Nagoya Line 高速名古屋線)
Get off at Udatsu-no-Machinami-dori うだつの町並み通りStop.
(2 h) A 15-min. walk.

Mino-bashi is a bridge over the Nagara
River. River water of this area is
designated as one of Japan's 100
remarkable water by Ministry of Environment.  
Mie Pref.
Tadokyo Natural Pool
(多度峡天然プール/Tadokyo Tennen Pool)

1735-2, Tado-cho, Kuwana C. 桑名市多度町1735-2

<From Kintetsu Nagoya 近鉄名古屋 Sta..>
Get off at Kuwana 桑名 Sta. on the Kintetsu Line
(16-27 min.440yen) and transfer to the Yoro Tetsudo Yoro Line
and get off at Tado 多度 Sta.(13 min. 310yen)
Take a bus and get off at TadoTaisha-mae
多度大社前 stop (5 min. 100yen.) A 14-min. walk.
July 15 (Fri) -August 31, 2016

Admission: Free

Depth: : - 80cm