Fukugon-ji (temple)
Akiba-san Hiwatari Shinji

2nd Sunday of December

Fukugon-ji which located in the hilly terrain of Komaki City was
Established in 1476 by Nishio-Shikibu-Michinaga.
Seizen-Osho was invited as the 1st priest to manage this temple.
It belongs to Soto School and has lots of branch temples as a local main temple.

Fukugon-ji has never got a fire since it established, therefore they keep more than 1,000 precious archives,
Buddha's reliquary, incense pot, and othere City treasures.

The image of Kannon Approach Incense burner

In the temple yard, they also enshrine Akiba-Sanjakubou-Daigongen.
He has been believed as a god of saving fire.
They hold a special fire ritual called Hiwatari Shinji on the 2nd Sunday of December.
Mountaineering priests with tengu masks walk between flames in order to worship general protection against fire.

8:00-13:00: rituals
17:00- : A procession of practitioners of Shugen-do, monks, followers who hold up toaches, etc.
starts from under the stature of the image of Kannon.
17:30-: Hiwatari Shinji starts.

Take Meijo line and change the train at Heian-dori sta. to Kami-iida line.
Get off at Kamiiida sta. and take Meitetsu Komaki Line.
Get off at Komaki sta.

Take Meitetsu Bus from Meitetsu Komaki sta.. Get off at "Nishihora" stop.
Walk 20 min.

5229 Ooaza-Ookusa, Komaki City
TEL: 0568-79-2108