Hana Matsuri/Kambutsu-e

April 8th

Literal meaning of Hana Matsuri is Flower Festival
Flowers symbolize "Lumbini Garden", Buddha's birthplace.

Pour Amacha (sweet tea) over
the stature of baby Buddha.
photo by Iida

Hana-Matsuri is a Buddhist celebreation of the birth of Shakyamuni (Gautama Siddhartha),
known as the Buddha,
who was born in Kalpataru, India (present day Lumbini, Nepal) and lived from BC463? to B.C.383? (disputed),
as the son of King Suddhodhana, a great king of Shakya clan and Queen Maya.
It has been said that when he was born, rain of nectar came down, petals of lotus flower fluttered
and could hear beautiful music.

In Hana Matsuri, people pour amacha (hydrangea tea) over the image of Buddha,
which figuared when he was born (pic. above)
This symbolizes the nectar rain which came down from the heaven.

Some visitors take out the amacha from the temple to drink or
to use for rubbing an India ink stick on an inkstone.

Many temples hold Hana Matsuri on this day.
ex. Osu Kannon , Nittai-ji in Kakuozan

Chigo-gyoretsu: 1:00p.m. -

Get off at "Osu-kannon" on the Tsurumai subway line,
go through exit No.2
4-minute walk from the station

Get off st "Kamimaezu" on the Meijyo or Tsurumai subway line,
go through exit No. 12.
4-minute walk from the station



Get off at Kakuozan on the subway Higashiyama Line.
Take exit 1


Get off at Higashi-Betsuin Sta. on the Meijo Subway Line.
Take exit 4.
Walk 3 min.