Memorial Service for old/snapped Needles

at Mikoromo-sha shrine/ߐ_
in Wakamiya hachimansha Shrine/{ yard

Feb. 8th (annual)
11:00-11:30 (Shinto ritual),
11:30-14:00 (Tofu and konnyaku bases are settled)

stick snapped or old needles in the tofu or konnyaku bases

Harikuyo ceremony is held for snapped or old needles to appreciate helping people who concerned with sewing
and wish their progress.

After the Shinto ritual, people stick needles in the tofu or konnyaku bases.(11:30- )

In front of Mikoromo Shrine norito/Shinto prayer In fromt of Hari-zuka/needles' grave
Two tofu bases and a konnyaku base Young ladies stick needles Oged ladies also stick needles
There are many ladies in kimono. Just like a decoration cake konnyaku base

Mikoromo-jinja shrine Hari-zuka (mound for needles)
with offerings

Wakamiya Hachimansha
TEL: 052-241-0810

Get off at Yabacho sta. on the Meijo subway line.
Take exit No.4.
approx. 10-min. walk