Hikamianeko Jinja
(Hikamianeko Shrine)

Hikamianeko Jinja (shrine) belongs Atsuta Jingu (shrine).

Hikamianego Shrine, which enshrines Miyasuhime-no-mikoto, was established in 195.
The shrine buildings were built on the site of the house of Otoyo-no-mikoto, a local secretary of Owari area.
Then they were moved to the present place in 690.
Miyasuhime-no-mikoto was a Otoyo-no-mikoto's daughter. She was married with an ancient hero, Yamatotakeru-no-mikoto,
and after he died she had kept his holy sword Kusanagi-no-tsurugi carefully.
Then later this sword became a treasure of Atsuta Shrine.

annual festivals
Daidai kagura Spring festival. Before sowing, priests pray for rich harvest last Sunday of March PS:00 -
Tohnin-sai - May U PP:00 -
Oodaka-saiden Otaue-sai Plant rice seeding . After they harvest rice,
they are offered to Atsuta Shrine and other 45 shrines.
You can watch Tamai (lit. rice field dance)
4th Sunday of June PO:00 -
Oodaka-saiden Nuibo-sai - September 28 PP:00 -
Reisai (biggest festival) Autumn festival. Offering crops and thank for gods. Pst Sunday of October PS:00 -


Get off at Odaka sta. on the JR line. A 20 min. walk.(1.5km)
or Get off at Nawa sta. on the Meitetsu Tokoname line. A 25 min. walk.(2km)