Ho-oh (Pj/Fenghuang

Ho-oh is a fabulous bird introduced from China.
It is generally described as jawls of a swallow, beak of a cock, forehead of a fowl,
neck of a snake, breast of a goose, back of a turtle, hindquarters of a stag..
It is approximatery 120-150cm (48-60in.) tall, its feathers are
brilliant five basic colors and its also has five notes.
It eats fruits of bamboo which are beared every 60 to 100 years.
It perches only on a paulownia tree.
"Ho"(P) represents male and "oh" () female.

Ho-oh appears before a great sovereign appears in this world.

Ho-oh designed on a ¥10,000 bill

You can see a Ho-oh on the top of Kinkaku in Kyoto..

Byodoin Amidado (Amitabha Buddha pavilion of Byodoin temple) is designed on a 10 yen coin.
Amidado is commonly called Ho-oh-do (Ho-oh pavilion) and designed with the image of Ho-oh
stretching its wings widely. Each side of the roof top, there are a pair of Ho-oh.

photo courtesy of Gansho-in
The picture above was drawn on the ceiling of Gansho-in temple
(Obuse-cho, Nagano Pref.) in 1848 by Katsushika Hokusai, when he was 89 years old.
This is his largest and latest work..