January 15th, 1:00 p.m. -
in front of Kagura-den in Atsuta Shrine

Hosha Shinji is a Shinto ritual to pray for a rich year for crops and also to exorcise evil spirits.
This ritual is commonly called "Omatoh".
Formerly, it was a traditional function in the early spring in the Imperial Court.

Mino-washi (very famous brand of
Japanese paper)
is mounted on the target
the mark is 1.8m (5.9ft ) in diameter a Shinto priest put an arrow in the target
an arrow shot in the chigi .the arrow is taken off from the target morizuna or tatezuna
Preparation for Hosha Shinji, Shinto function.
Five wooden pieces called chigi are attached to the mark. On the back of the target, a letter "S(oni/demon)his written.

Six Shinto priests wing 36 arrows at a large mark (two shootings by three times for each priest)

Two shooters and their attendance Walk to the point step on the morizuna
take off left their sleeves the first mortion when they shoot concentration
each shooter has two arrows for their
each turn
take back their left sleeves return

Because it is said that the chigi attached in the center of it has special power
as a talisman to exorcise evil spirits,
as soon as the last arrow is shooted, people rush to the mark and scramble to get it

Dush !
Then everyone is piled on and
around the target
Everybody wants to get a good part of
the target
. TV crues and professional
photographers also dush to take photos
It's hard to get chigi,
but you will be able to get straws : ))


1|P|P Jingu-Nishi, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya
TEL: (052) 671-4151
Get off at "JINGU-NISHI" on the MEIJO subway line
Take exit No.2
7 minutes walk