Kagamimochi is a smaller round rice cake placed on a larger one on a stand called sambo.
It's decorated with a Daidai (/bitter orange), Kobu (z/kelp), Ise-ebi (ɐCV/lobster),
Hoshigaki (`/dried persimon), Urajiro (/Gleichenia japonica) Yuzuriha (/Daphniphyllum macropodum)
and other bringers of good luck.

Daidai /Daidai is the same sound with X/daidai which means generationafter generation.
So, a bitter orange is symbolized a wish to be gifted with children.
Kobu Kobu is asociated with yorokobu which means becoming happy
Ise-ebi Lobster's back is bent. It's a simbol of long life.
Hoshigaki Ten dried persimons are skewered two for each side and six in the center.(photo below)
This is the symbol of good couple. Itsumo nikoniko(means "smile" and sound is the same with two and two)
naka (center) mutsumajiku (six)....Always smiling and on good terms.
Urajiro New leaves grow with old leaves. So, it is a symbol of long life.
It also a symbol of pure heart beacuse it's back is white.
Uzuriha Old leaves bend down their head when a tree put forth leaves, but they never fall down.
In the following year, when they put the third generation buds, they start to fall down.
So, yuzuriha is symbolized a wish to have a family like this.

Wakayama Pref. style decoration ..........photo©Hiroko