Kanayama became one of the representative terminal-based area in Nagoya since
after the Kanayama station became a cmoplex with the JR Chuo Line, JR Tokaido Main Line, Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line
and Meijo Subway Line in 1989 (Heisei 1)
Now approximatery 450,000 people use the station a day.(2006)

Left: North Entrance * Green&Yellow:ASUNAL Concourse Concourse
South Entrance South Entrance Left: Meitetsu Sta. * Right: JR Sta.

In March 1999, Kanayama-Minami Bldg. (includes Nagoya/Boston Museum Of Arts, Nagoya Urban Institutewas, Hotel Grand Court Nagoya, offices and shops)
which rises 31 stories above the ground and goes 4 stories underground, was built and became a new land mark..
It was promoting the construction of more and more commercial facilities.

Kanayama Minami Building

Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts

It takes 24 minutes from Kanayama to Centrair (Chubu International Airport/opened in 2005) by the Meitetsu Line
and more trains run to the airport from Kanayama than from Nagoya Sta.

ASUNAL Open Space Shops and restaurants

Next to the North Entrance, there is a space called ASUNAL..
There is a large open space, shops and restaurants and many young people go there.
A small stage is in the center of the open space and
events or live music concerts are held from Thursday to Sunday
by young people who dream of their future.
(Schedule can be changed depending on weather conditions or other events)
Even Yoshimoto (popular comedy company) gives a free live show by junior comedians or entertainers.


The official meaning of ASUNAL is "Asu ni mukatte genki ni naru !"(lit. Cheer up for tomorrow)

I guess the base of this naming is from Asunaro.
"Asunaro" (Thujopsis dolabrata) is a family of "hinoki"(Chamaecyparis obtusa/hinoki cypress).
There is a popular allegory for the meaning behind asunaro.
Asunaro is a shortening of the words "Asu wa hinoki ni narou" (lit. Tomorrow I am going to be a hinoki cypress)
Hinoki cypress is a very high quarity and valuable tree and Asunaro wanted to be hinoki.
Asunaro looks like a Hinoki, but can't be a Hinoki.
They want to support and encourage the junior people who dream to be famous or great like a hinoki.
ASUNAL (pronounced Asunaru) sounds like keeping stronger determination than "asunaro".
Good Luck, young junior artists !