Karaoke Room / Karaoke Box List

Karaoke is a Japanese word and the literal meaning is empty orchestra.
The kara
(lit. empty) means without lyrics and singers
and the oke of okesutora means orchestra

Originally "karaoke" was a professional slang among bandmen.

( Karaoke Onchicchi in Sakae )

Now karaoke is very popular all over the world,
but in Japan, the most common version of karaoke is something different
from what it is in the US. or other countries.
Most people who do karaoke in Japan go to special karaoke houses with their friends.
At these houses you pay a per person per hour fee to rent out a small room,
also know as a karaoke box which has chairs or couches,
a table for drinks, and a karaoke machine.
Some karaoke houses also include free drinks in the room price.

Recently in some karaoke houses, it's possible to sing a song together
with people you don't know who are in another karaoke house i
n a different city in Japan
by watching a live broadcast on a digital screen.

Today there are approximately 128,400 karaoke boxes in Japan.(Mar. 2009)

Rk Ranking of
Disliked person at a karaoke room.
1 Someone who force me to sing a song
2 Someone who stop music in the middle of I am singing
3 Someone who reserve songs for the second time or more in a row.
4 Someone who touch his/her mouth to a microphone while singing
5 Someone who are talking while I am singing
6 Someone who consistently refuse to sing
7 Someone who sing the same song many times
8 Someone who suddenly sing together with me
9 Someone who make a lot of noise: jumping(?) etc.
10 Someone who concentrate on choosing songs
while I am singing