New Notable Sights
Photo: courtesy of Ochabeh
"Duetto" by Fabrizio Corneli, an Italian artist
who works with lights and shadows.
This work is on the south wall of the
Kobe Center Plaza Bldg. in Chuo-ku, Kobe.
This is his largest work. so far.(Oct.2007)
You can see a side view of a couple.
They close their eyes and look ready to kiss.
If you could find the woman's eyelashes,
you will recognize all easily.
Photo: courtesy of Ochabeh

Amphibious bus, SPLASH, for Kobe sightseeing.

Photo: courtesy of Ochabeh

Lantern Fair
in Kobe's Chinatown
(From early December to late December)

Kobe's Chinatown is one of the three
largest Chinatowns in Japan with
Yokohama's and Nagasaki's


  The Kobe Luminarie began in December 1995
in order to commemorate the 1995 Earthquake.

It has now become a signature winter event
of Kobe.
Photo: courtesy of Ochabeh 

Shunsetsu(Chinese New Year) in Nanjing Town

Chinese people often put the letter " (Good fortune)"upside-down. This means "(Good fortune has come)", since the Chinese character | (reverse) is homophonic with (come)
Lion Dance
Demonstration and sale of ornamental letters
Photo: courtesy of Ochabeh