komainu of Togan-ji

Komainu is placed at the each sides of the gate to keep evil spirits
from entering the precincts of a shrine or temple.

They are always settled as a pair: one with its mouth open and the other with it closed,
so-called a-un posture.

 World largest Komainu are in Mizunami City, Gifu Pref.
H 3.3m, W: 1.56m, D: 2.4m, Each Komainu weighs 1.5t
They are mino-ware/minoyaki.
A huge kiln with a chimny made by nine-joined dums
was built. . 5,000 pine-fuelwood were burned.
A total of 1,000 local people involved in making them
It took 273 hours(12days) for firing.