Kyuuri to Myoga no Sunomono

sliced cucumber and Japanese ginger (Zingiber mioga)
dressed with vinegar

Refreshing sunomono is a course for summer.
Very easy to cook.

Cucumber ........3
Myoga (Japanese ginger flower) ........2
salt ..1/3tsp
sushizu (vinegar for sushi) ......30cc
shoyu (soy sauce) ........1tsp
any small flower for decoration ........1

Cooking time: 10-15min.
4-5 servings

1) add salt to sliced cucumbers and keep 5-10 min.
Then squeeze water lightly.
2) Cut a myoga in half. Then cut each of them in stantingly 3) Put 2 into 1.
Then add sushizu vinegar and shoyu soy sauce.
4) Mix up them and keep it in a fridge, My favorite sushizu. This is very useful item.. Dish up and put some flower or green if you have.