Komakisan Ryuuonji
Mama Kannon


Founded in 1492

 Main Gate

MamaKannon is a small temple located northwest of Mt. Komaki
and know as one and only temple of mother's milk.

Grace of Mama-Kannon (Buddhist deity of compassion)
Good breast feeding, Groth of breast, Mental growth,
Good growth of children, Easy birth, Good relation, etc.

The reason why this temple is called the temple of mother's breast...
There was a very poor mother who breast-feed her baby.
Her neighbors noticed her lacking in nutritive value and gave her rice.
But she offered them to Kannon without eating because she was religious.
And behold, after that she could keep feeding enough milk to her baby
and it became healthy.

Motion sensor watering breast Rinse your hands and mouth here
Write your wish on the ema So many "ema" 
Main building (Kannon-sama is here)  Temple yard

Address: 152 Mamahon-machi, Komaki C. Aichi Pref. 
 Hours: 9:00-16:00  365days
TEL: 0568-73-6173 
Admission:  Free
 Access: Get off at Heiandori Sta. on the meijo Subway Line.
Get on a Meitetsu train bound for Inuyama and get off at Komaki Sta.
Take a bus and get off at MamachichiKannonmae 間々乳観音前 stop.(7 min.)