・"manaca" is a prepaid pass card with built-in IC tip

・You pay fares by touching ticket gates with "manaca".

・"manaca"also functions as a commuter pass, and if you would like to get off at
further stations from the set destination, fares are payed at ticket gates automatically.

・You can buy "manaca" commuter pass at any subway station, stations of Meitetsu Line, etc.
(500yen deposit is required for any kind of "manaca")

・You can use"manaca" card for Nagoya municipal subway and bus, Meitetsu
railway and bus, JR Tokai, Aonami Line, Yutorito Line and Toyohashi Railway.

・You get frequent passenger points with "manaca"like airline mileage points, and
the points can be used as fares.

・80yen discount if you transfer among Nagoya municipal subway and bus, Aonami
Line and Yutorito Line (only elevated section of the road) within 90 minutes.

・Replacement for a lost registered "manaca" or commuter pass "manaca" is available

・"manaca" card is re-chargeable and for repeated use.

・ "manaca" is equipped with an electric money function.
You can use at the shops with "manaca IC card" mark.
(Circle K, Sunks, shops in the Nagoya municipal subway stations,
Meitetsu railway stations, automatic vending machines,
BIC CAMERA, Meitetsu Department Store,
Supermarket Seijo Ishi in Kanayama and Fujigaoka, some Family Mart and CoCo Store, Suncos
Meitetsu Grand Hotel, Meitetsu Inn, Junku-do Book stores,
Nippon Renta Car in Nagoya-eki-mae and Kanayama, etc.etc.

・"manaca"will be mutually use with
"SUICA (JR East)" in the fiscal year of 2013.

"manaca" aims to be interoperative with
"Kitaca(JR Hokkaido)", "PASMO(Private railroads,municipal bus, public transportation in Tokyo area)",
"PiTaPa(Network of excursion ticket and stored fare system of public transportations in Kinki Area)"
"ICOCA(JR Nishinihon)", "SUGOCA(JR Kyushu)", "nimoca(NishiNihon Railways)" and
"Hayakaken(Fukuoka municipal transportation)" in 2013, spring.

There are roughly three types of "manaca"
500yen deposit is required.
When you cancel, 500 yen will be returned (Cancellation charge is required)

Type Dimension

Registered manaca/Kimeishiki manaca記名式マナカ

*Registered owner can use

*A deposit of 500yen is required.

*Name, sex, birthday and phone number of the user are

*Even if you lost the card, it will be reissued
(Reissuing lost replacement card required.
Points you have got are also safe)

*Can be changed to a "manaca commuter pass"

Non-registered manaca/Mukimeishiki manaca無記名式マナカ

*Anyone can use

*A deposit of 500yen is required.

*If lost, it can not be reissued

*Can be changed to a "Registered manaca" or "manaca Commuter Pass"

*Sold at ticket vending machines in subway stations
and buses.

manaca commuter pass/manaca teikikenマナカ定期券

*If you would like to get off at further stations from the set destination, fares are payed at ticket gates automatically.
(So, I recommend you to charge some amount of money even if you use manaca only for a commuter pass)

* If you are a student, you can get further discount.
(You have to show your student identification card or
a school certificate at the station master room or some specific place.)

*A deposit of 500yen is required.

At the ticket gate, touch "manaca" on the blue mark.
You don't need to take out the "manaca" card from your pass case.
Even if "manaca" is in your bag, it's avalable if it's at the bottom and placed in proper way.
Additional function
(Available at Station master room and Service Center)

Charging machine
English is available
"manaca" vending machine
English is available

You can use "manaca" in payment of purchase at
affiliated stores (over 1700 so far/2011spring) and
vending machines with "manaca" logo.

Donichi Eco Kippu (Nagoya City's weekend one day pass)

Official website is here