Want to go for an exotic outing?

You know what my travel guide says about Nagoya? Industrial city with not much interesting to see or do, no need to stop over. I was quite disappointed by such underestimation. I totally disagree. After all, Nagoya has several cultural sights and even a TV tower (though I personally never been on the top). Plus a full selection of museums and art galleries.

From the point of night life, there is a lot to do, both traditional local style and gaijin places.

But Ifm sure you have already explored all of these, and even had enough, and want something more ? different, exotic, unusual, specialc

So, where shall we go this Saturday night? ? you ask yourself and your buddies. How about some nice and different, but not expensive dining out?

Local delights ? no, youfve already tried everything, or even if you havenft, the rest is too expensive to go anyway. Indian ? thatfs too trivial in the country of care raisu. Italian ? well, nice but definitely not exotic. Donft even mention Royal Host or Dennis ? they donft fall under any of the seeking characteristics.

Now youfre lostc All the gaijin spots come to your mind, but youfve been there so many times. This time you want something special!

Probably I can suggest you some of my favorites. Ifm sure if you are looking for something unusual youfll like them.


This is my most favorite one. Ideal place for a relaxing dinner with long chat, either tete-a-tete or in a small company. The theme of the place is Relax ? low lights, styled exotic Indian decoration, relaxing meditative slow music, each table is in a small tent full of cushions for you to make yourself totally comfortable. Sitting there on the cushions, the low table is lightened only by a candle, the quiet waiters disturb you only if you ring the small bell; you can forget about the time and the weather outside.

The service is very quick and polite, unnoticeable I would say. English menu is available and they hang it to you as soon as they see your foreign face, but donft expect them to speak English. The dishes are quite original, beautifully arranged and really tasty, though the portions arenft big. The drinks menu is quite long. Prices of a dish are around 1000 yen, desserts and drinks around 500-600 yen.

There used to be two restaurants of this chain until a year ago, both with unique characters. But now instead there is a new one, close to Loft/ Nadia Park, which definitely keeps the style, the atmosphere and the menu.


Itfs all about Arabian and nothing about rock. The theme of this place will be Enjoy. The lights are stronger, the music is louder and the colors are brighter. Itfs made to take you to the happy times of the Arabian fairy tales g1001 nightsh. On the week-ends they even have magician performances.

Situated right in the center of Sakae, with obvious decorative wall and a camel bench next to the entrance, there is only one trick ? the entrance door will open only if you touch the Aladdin lamp! Youfre invited in an entrance hall, where the waiters will do a small magic and turn you into a prince/princess first before escorting you to your separe. The place is organized on small separate decorative spaces with entrances covered with golden curtains, so youfll feel comfortable and undisturbed.

There is an English menu available, but youfll have to ask for it. The prices are around 1000-1500 yen for a dish (normal size) and around 600 yen for drinks/desserts.

The menu is japonised Arabian style with Japanese favourites, very interesting and tasty (whatever I have tried).


This is the Morocco restaurant in Nagoya and I really recommend it. Itfs all about Morocco and its theme will be Savour.

Everything is original ? starting from the owner and the cook ? both original Moroccans, passing trough the decoration and music ? all original Moroccan, and finishing with the food, of course. And that is delicious! Ifm particularly fond of couscous, but the tajimes are incredible. They even bake their original Moroccan bread. And ? something important ? they have normal tall tables with chairs ? no sitting on the floor involved.

Of course, there is English menu, even the waiters speak English and if youfre lucky to have the owner in - she speaks fluent Japanese, English, French and Arabic.

The prices are around 1500-2000 for a dish, but itfs big and inevitably delicious.

There is one more thing not to miss ? belly dances, salsa and flamenco performances on Saturdays!

Check their web site: http://www.casa-nagoya.com/dynamicdata/home.asp

Hope you enjoy them next time you decide to go out!

Ifm sure there are many other gems in Nagoya and we all would like to hear about them! Please share your favorites with us at NUFSA web site (http://topaz.ecis.nagoya-u.ac.jp/~nufsa/index.html).