( broiled broadbill swordfish meat )

1: take off water on a piece of
broadbil swordfish meat with paper
2: make several stabs at both sides of meat
with a chopstick
3: soak it in liquid / soy sauce : sake: (mirin)= 1.5 : 1 : 0.5
4: keep about 20 min.(one side 10 min.)
5: flour it lightly
6: heat a pan up and put salad oil
7: fry it over a moderate fire for 3 or 4 minutes

To look for good
1: without blood juice
2: without shimmer in green
3: with a clear milky-white
of orangish tint color

photo courtesy of Tokyo-to Shimasho Norin-Suisan Sogo Center
NomenclatureFXiphias Gladius(LINNE)
Japanese name: Mekajiki
English name: Broadbill Swordfish
Adult has no scales,
no ventral fin and no teeth..
Very fierce.