( miso-shiru / omiotsuke )

miso soup

Miso soup is one of the basic elements of a traditional Japanese meal.
It is made with miso, dashi ( soup stock) and
ingredients (tofu, age/fried tofu, vegetables, clams, wakame/seaweeds, etc.)
If you know the basic way of cooking,
it is easy to arrange and cook by yourself.

The points are....

* miso 15g : dashi ( soup stock) 1 cup
( Recently many of the misos include dashi essence in miso. in this case use 1 cup water )

* not to boil after mixing miso in dashi

* shell meats match akadashi miso.

* the order of cooking changes depend on the ingredients
as follows

turnip, Japanese radish,
, sweet potatoe, carrot
short-necked clam,
shijimi clam,
1, cook root crops or clams in dashi until they become soft
2, stop heating
3, add miso and dissolve it in dashi
4, heat the soup again until just before it comes to a head
...be careful not to boil it
tofu, age, wakame,
1, put miso in dashi and dissolve
add the ingredient
keep heating until just before it comes to a head
...be careful not to boil it
honewort, myoga,
sansho/Japanese pepper leaf
put herbs for topping


miso soup with tofu

* miso (any kind) : 3 table spons
* tofu cubes : 1/2 tofu
* dashi (soup stock) : 4 cups

* thinly sliced
leek (negi or bannou-negi) : 1/4 cup
how to 1 bring the water to a boil
2 add instant dashi /soup stock powder (ex. Hondashi)
If you use miso which include dashi, no need to add instant dashi
3 add miso and stir until miso is dissolved
4 add tofu and cook an additional minute before serving
5 stop heating
should not be brought to a boil after the miso is added
in order to keep nice aroma.
6 add sliced leek (negi)