Mita Jinja/Mita Shrine


Otogui-no-Gi at Mita Shrine

March 17th

14:00 - 14:30

karakami no mai

At first, priests make a line
in front of Kagura-den.
Then move to Mita shrine.


Mita Shrine enshrines Ootoshi-no-kami, a god of huge harvest.
Before the ritual, priests throw round shaped oblations (mochi ?) to the roof of Doyo-den building,and
and hold Otogui-no-gi ceremony, which priests perform the action of feeding crows.
You can also watch Karakami-no-mai that look like the flap of a bird's wings.

It is said that, in old days, priests didn't hold ritual in case crows don't eat oblations.

Mita-Jinja Otauesai

Atsuta Shrine