Miya Festival
Miya Matsuri

3rd or 4th Sat. and Sun of October

Yatsurugi Shrine <==> Wakamiya Shrine

Designated Gamagori City's Intangible Folk Cultural Asset

Kaichu Togyo
at Miyahama Beach
Sunday 10:30a.m. - 11:30a.m.

After the signal of gun sound, four floats (6m high, 4 ton each) are pulled into the shallows of the sea one by one, and head to the Otabisho shrine (Wakamiya Shrine).
Men with loincloths parade across the sea approximately 300m shouting at"Washoi, Washoi".

photos courtesy of Miya Kanko Kyoaki

photo courtesy of Miya Kanko Kyoaki

The story of beginning Miya festival is as follows
One night of August in 1696, Sazaemon, who was a mayor of Miya, dreamed of strange story:
The main god of Yatsurugi Shrine, Yatsurugi-Daimyojin, moved to Wakamiya Shrine by a portable shrine.
People believed that this is a message from the god and hold a ceremony of moving. for him.

Hatsurugi Shrine (Yatsurugi-Jinja/Nishi no Miya)
139 Nanaho, Miya-cho, Gamagori
250m south of Mikawa-Miya Sta. on the JR Tokaido Line.

Wakamiya Shrine (Wakamiya-Jinja/Higashi no Miya)
91 Ippo, Miya-cho, Gamagori
1200m south-east of Mikawa-Miya Sta. on the JR Tokaido Line.

Gamagori Kanko Kyokai