Morning Service
Breakfast special

Do you know "Morning Service" of kissaten (coffee house) ?
For example, you can eat a boiled egg, toast, dessert and coffee
in an amount equal to one cup of coffe.
Of course, it's depend on the coffee house, however if you see a sign of "モーニングサービス”,
you can get extra service in the morning.

Aichi Pref. has the second largest number of coffee houses (11,288) after Osaka Pref. (12,584).
The third is Tokyo (8,036).................2006
Morning Service is a kind of symbol of Aichi Prefecture's culture of drinking coffee at coffee house.

There are lots of companies in manufacturing in Aichi Prefecture.
Workers want to spend their meal interval or work breaks
at a coffee house. Then the number of coffee houses increased around the factories
and they compeat each other.
This is one of the reasons why we have so many coffee houses and
they offer such a nice service.