Mt. Fuji


view from Asagiri-kougen

Mt.Fuji is the highest (3,776m) and
also the most beautiful mountain in Japan.
It is located on the border between Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefecture.
Though it has been dormant for the past 300 years, it is a volcano.
The last eruption was in 1707.
There is a 220-meter-deep and 800-meter-diameter crater on the top.
Mt.Fuji is called Fujisan in Japanese.
Fujisan is one of the 3 holy mountains in Japan with Tateyama and Hakusan.

photo by Cho3

here is a road to the halfway point (Gogou-me in Japanese), and
also three trails from there to the top.
The climbing season for Mt. Fuji is from July 1st to August 31st.
During this period all the mountain cabins are open and the weather is relatively warm,
but the best time to climb is just before or after the season to avoid
the crowds of climbers that visit Mt. Fuji every year.

Many people start climbing at night (takes 5-6 hours)
so they can arrive at the summit at sunrise.
This isn't a bad idea, as the mountain is less crowded at night,
and the sunrise can be quite beautiful,
but it can also get really cold. If you plan to climb at night
it's very important to take warm (and sometimes waterproof) clothing.

Also, becuase Mt. Fuji is very high,
some climbers may experience altitude sickness.
To prevent this, bottles of oxygen may be purchased
on the mountain side.

point altitude average in time of climbing temperture
Fuji-Yoshida City
City Hall

- base point
5th point
bus terminal
(When you climb up, it takes approximately 6 hours
without a break from the point 5 to the top.
When you come down, it takes the half hours.)
Satomidaira (toilet) 2325m - -
6th point
2390m 45 min. from the 5th point. -
the 6.5th point
2568m - -
7th point
2700m 60 min. from the 6th point.
(105 min. from the 5th point)
Hanagoya lodge 2760m - -
Tomoekan lodge 2740m - -
Kamaiwakan lodge - - -
Toriiso lodge 2950m - -
8th point 3020m 100 min, from the 7th point
(205 min. from the 5th point)
Taishikan lodge 3100m - -
Horaikan lodge 3150m - -
Hakuunso lodge 3200m - -
old 8th point
3360m 80 min. from the 8th point
(285min. from the 5th point)
Tomoekan lodge 3400m - -
Goraikokan lodge 3450m - -
summit 3720m 80 min. from the Hon-Hachi-go-me
365 min. from the 5th point
3776m - -

Mt. Fuji Climbing guid by Shizuoka Pref.