Nagoya-Cochin is one of the most famous domestic bred chickens.
The chickens are a cross-breed of native Nagoya chickens with Chinese buff cochins in 1868.
Meat is reddish, tender and rich in flavor, so that
more expensive than the most popular chicken meat.

Nagoya cochin meat sometimes called "kashiwa" because the color of the chicken feathers is
buff brown like kashiwa (family of beech,)

It can be cooked in many ways:
Shio-yaki (grilled chicken with salt), Iso-age ( deep-fried chicken with nori or laver),
Kara-age (chicken deep-fried without batter)
Yakitori (broiled chicken on skewers), mizutaki (chicken and vegetable stew) etc.

female @ buff color feathers and gray legs