Nagoya Shrine Tenno Festival
(ߌÖVՁE/Nagoya Jinja Tenno Matsuri -Taisai))

July 15/eve, 16th/main festival (annual)

"Eichi ! Eichi ! Eichi !"

"Nagoya Jinja" was established on March 16th, 911,
in Owari-koku-Nagoya-no-sho (present Sannomaru, Naka-ku , Nagoya) by the order from the Emperor Daigo.
At that time, the shrine was called "Tennohsha".
It was also called "Kibi-Tennoh-sha".
Kibi is from "Kibi-san An'yoh-ji" temple.
Since the Nara period, Japanese traditional Shinto and Buddhism, which was
introduced in 538 from China, had been mixed up and
had often managed together in the same precincts until the Meiji period.

In 1610, when Nagoya Castle was built in that area,
the shrine had started to be called "Sannomaru-Tennoh-sha"
because it lay Sannomaru in Nagoya Castle lot.
In 1868 (the Meiji Restoration), its name was changed to "Susanoh Jinja",.
and in 1876 it moved to the present place
because Nagoya Chindai (corps) was established there.
Then, in 1899, its name was changed again to "Nagoya Shrine".

During the Edo era, Sannomaru Tennoh Festival was
one of the three popular festivals in Nagoya, along with the
Wakamiya Festival and the Tohshohguu Festival, and kept 16 floats in its area.

A float which kept in the shrine is too old to use out.
Former Chaya-cho's float.

However most of the floats were burned or scattered during the World War II
and the surroundings of the Nagoya Shrine had chaged in the urban development.
Now it is in the government district and the number of the inhabitants has decreased year after year.
So the Nagoya Shrine Festival barely subsists volunteers.

If you would like to carry the portable shrine, I think you are very welcome !

mecanical puppet
Shinto ritual Sing a special song
Go back and forth three times
in front ofthe shrine.
Across the Sakura-dori Push up
Break Push up the 1.5t mikoshi Turn around
At the crossing of Nishiki-dori A little bit tired Exhausted
Arrive at Wakamiya Shrine Shinto ritual at Wakamiya Shrine Return to Nagoya Shrine

course of the danjiri parade

Nagoya Jinja
2-3-17 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya
TEL: 052-231-4030

Get off at Marunouchi Sta. on the subway Tsurumai or Sakuradori Line.
Take exit 1 and walk 10 minutes.