Nagoya dialect

There were 4 types of Nagoya dialect as follows.

1 Uwamachi kotoba
(Uwamachi speech)
Elegant and soft-spoken speech.
Used by the ladies of marchant family who lived in a specific area,
from around Nagoya Castle area to Chojamachi area.
*Yattokame-de gozarimasuru-namo.
(I haven't seen you for long time)
2 Buke-Kotoba
(Samurai speech)
Some expressions are still used *Goburei shimasu (Excuse me./ Good bye)
*Goranzeyo (look !)
3 Shitamachi kotoba
(Shitamachi speech)
A little bit strong and dirty impression.
Nagoya people usually speak Shitamachi-kotoba.
*Iko-myaa (Let's go ! )
*Dera-uma [Kirin Beer's Nagoya Version] (Very tasty)
4 Karyuu kotoba
(geisha speech)
Today, Geisha in Nagoya are trying to keep it. *Ano-emo, Yatte-miyasen-ka.
(Well, why don't you try it ?)

Today, most of the Japanese think that Nagoya dialect is not cool to speak.
However, we have had a very nice Nagoya-ben before.
Uwakachi-kotoba Nagoya dialect was one of the three beautiful Japanese dialects with
Kyo-kotoba (spoken by maiko and geiko in kyoto) and Semba-kotoba (spoken by ladies of marchant family in Semba, Osaka.),
though nobody speaks proper Uwamachi-kotoba now.