(meat and potatos)

Nikujaga (lit. meat and potatos) is one of the most popular dishes in Japan.
But the taste and ingredients vary widely between Tokyo area and Osaka area.
Each family also has a favorite recipe.
So, please take it easy when you cook nikujaga.
(But please don't forget to use meat and potatos :))

ingredients for 4 servings
potato (jagaimo)
4 or 5 potatos (500g)
carrot (ninjin)
1 or 1.5 carrots(100g)
devil's tongue (konnyaku)
1 sheet
onion (tamanegi)
1 onion (200g)
steamed fish paste
. . .. ..
Japanese mushroom

string beans (sayaendo)
thinly sliced beef

/in Tokyo area they use pork
*sugar (1 tbsp/15cc)
*sake (3 tbsp/45cc)
*soy sauce(4 tbsp/60cc)
* water (2 cup/200cc)
* mirin/sweet sake(2Tbsp/30cc)

1. Cut beef into 4cm to 5cm lengths.
2. Cut konnyaku into bite-zize pieces like the pic above. Then parboil them few minutes.
3. Cut potatos like in the pic above (depend on the size of potatos)
4. Cut carrot into one-bite size rolling wedges.
5 Cut an onion wedges like in the pic above.
6 Cut a kamaboko like the pic above (If you can't get in your country , you may skip this)
7. Take off the side fiber of string beans and boil them one minute.
8. Heat oil in a heavy frying pan and fry beef first, then add onions, then potatos and then carrots.
9. Add mushrooms, kamaboko and konnyaku, and fry
10 Add sugar and stir. Then add soy sauce, sake, mirin and water.
Simmer 10-15 min. on medium heat and on low heat until the liquid are almost gone.
Put string beans 30 seconds before turn off the fire
If you boil konnyaku in advance, it can get the flavor faster.

The reason why add sugar first is here.