Enter to Nagoya City
Municipal Elementary school
(6 years)/Junior High School (3 years)

(Aside from them, there are national schools and private schools)
(If you live out of Nagoya City, please visit the

In Japan, compulsory education includes elementary school and junior high school.
(If your children doesn't have Japanese nationality, you don't need to follow this.
But in case if your children want to attend school in Japan, it's available.)
Children enroll in elementary schools in the first April following their 6-year old birthday and get 6-year basic education.
Then in April in the year they graduate from elementary school, they enroll junior high school and get 3-year education.

There might be lots of differences in many ways between Japanese school and your country's
and children face various barriers came from difference of language, customes, culture, etc.
So, gardians have to keep in contact with teachers and take care of children..

In Japan, each school has its own rules.
In order to enjoy school life and keep good relation with classmates,
children have to keep the rules and regurations.

The Japan school year starts in early April (almost the same with cherry blossom season)
and consists of three terms. Between each term, there are summer holidays (around 40 days),
winter holidays (year-end and New Year holidays), and spring holidays.

If you plan to attend your children (Nagoya City residents) to a municipal elementary school /junior high school in Nagoya
at the beginning of April (the new term started), first of all you need to apply for admission
at Shimin-ka/s or Shimin-gakarisW (citizen's section/community service division) of the Ward Office (branch) below.
In Japan, depend on where you live, your children is required to attend the designated municipal school in your area.
(You can not choose the school)

Please call or visit Shimin-ka/Shimin-gakari of your Ku/

Where to call   Duty section  TEL Where to call     Duty section   TEL
 Chikusa Ward Office  Shimin-ka 052-753-1898  Minato Ward Office  Shimin-ka   052-654-9636
Higashi Ward Office    Shimin-ka  052-934-1134  Minato Ward Office Nan'yo Branch   Shimin-gakari  052-301-8163
 Kita Ward Office    Shimin-ka  052-917-6446  Minami Ward Office Shimin-ka    052-823-9335 
 Kita Ward Office Kusunoki Branch  Shimin-gakari  052-201-2263  Moriyama Ward Office  Shimin-ka     052-796-4534
Nishi Ward Office   Shimin-ka   052-523-4535  Moriyama Ward Office Shidami Branch  Shomu-gakari  052-736-2000
 Nishi Ward Office Yamada Branch   Shimin-gakari  052-501-4925  Midori Ward Office Shimin-ka    052-625-3973 
Nakamura Ward Office    Shimin-ka   052-453-5337  Midori Ward Office Tokushige Branch Shimin-gakari   052-875-2203 
Naka Ward Office    Shimin-ka  052-265-2233  Meito Ward Office  Shimin-ka   052-778-3035 
Showa Ward Office    Shimin-ka 052-735-3835 Tempaku Ward Office  Shimin-ka    052-807-3835
Mizuho Ward Office    Shimin-ka    052-852-9315  Nagoya-shi Kyoiku Iinkai  Shisetsu Keikakushitsu  052-972-3226 
Atsuta Ward Office    Shimin-ka    052-683-9475      
 Nakagawa Ward Office    Shimin-ka   052-363-4334      
Nakagawa Ward Office Tomita Branch  Shimin-gakari  052-301-8241