Double postal card/Reply-paid postcard

104 yen

How to write * Sample * Manner

When you reply, please cut the postcard in half


For example, if you want to participate the "Stargazing session" at the rooftop
of the Science Museum.................

Aichi Geijutsu Center

<All ready printed double postalcard>
It is often used when the organizer ask your participation.



* Draw diagonal lines through "御 " , "ご ", "お" and/or "行" as you see above.
Because 御、ご and お are used as a respectful form from the sender.
行 means simply "To", so we have to write 様 (after perfon's name) or 御中 (after the company or department's name)
to make it polite expression.

* If you receive this type of double postalcard, circle 出席 (attend) or 欠席 (absent)


Kikuko's Picture Dictionary