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100yen- Reant-A-Car
Used Car Only
10min/100yen, 6h/2400yen, 24h/4200yen, etc.

Sakurayama (HONDA Motor-bike shop)
TEL: 052-853-3381 (9:30-19:30)
2-23, Sugumo-cho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya
(Subway exit6.Turn right at the first corner. 200m)

Ozone (Dekimachi, Higashi-ku)
TEL: 052-939-1356 (8:00 - 20:00)
2-5-21 Dekimachi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya
Walk to the south approx 7 min. from Ozone Minami-guchi (south gate) of JR Chuo Line.
Next to "Denys"(Family restaurant)

Used Car Only

M class (Under 1800cc): 2625yen/12h

TEL 0120-15-3232 (free)
8:30 - 21:00

Chojamachi office (Marunouchi, Naka-ku)
Mei-eki office (Nagoya station area)
Nagoya-ekimae office (Nagoya Sta. area/Shell gas station)
Ikeshita-Nishi office (Gas station near Ikeshita subway sta. on the Higashiyama Line)
Tempaku office (Ueda-Honmachi, Tempaku-ku)
Narumi Office (Midori-ku)
Shiga-hondori-eki office (Cosmo gas station, Kita-ku)
Nakagawa Bamba office (Banba, Nakagawa-ku)
Nippon Renta Carexternal link Ozone Eki-mae office(Ozone)
Nagoya-eki-mae (Nagoya station)
Kanayama-eki-mae (Kanayama)
Uchidabashi (Uchidabashi)
Naruko office (Aioiyama)

Japan Rent A Car/Japarenexternal link
Open 24 Hours


Meieki-mae Minami (Nagoya Station)
Meieki-mae Kita (Nagoya Station)
Misono (Osukannon Subway Station)
Ozone (Ozone Subway Station)
Imaike (Between Imaike and Chikusa Subway Station)
Hoshigaoka (Hoshigaoka Subway Station)
Kosei-dori (Near Biwajima Park)
Tempaku (Shiogamaguchi Subway Station)
Hoshizaki (Motohoshizaki Sta. on the Meitetsu Line)
Nakamura-Koen (Nakamura-koen Subway Statio)
Minato (Arakogawa-Koen Station on the Aonami Line)

Mazda Renta Lease
external link
Toyota Renta Leaseexternal link Chikusa-ku (4 offices) Mizuho-ku (2 offices)
Higashi-ku (2 offices) Atsuta-ku (2 offices)
Kita-ku (4 offices) Nakagawa-ku (4 offices)
Nishi-ku (5 offices) Minato-ku (1 office)
Nakamura-ku (6 offices) Minami-ku (1 office)
Naka-ku (7 offices) Moriyama-ku (2 offices)
Showa-ku (3 offices) Midori-ku (2 offices)
Meito-ku (3 offices) Tempaku-ku (3 offices)

Tops external link

If you would like to rent a car for
more than two days and save money,
Tops is the best cheap shop.
Nagoya Inter branch
1km east from Tomei Expressway Nagoya IC.
TEL: 0561-61-6350
Nagoya Minami branch
(In front of JR Kyowa Sta.)
1km south from Nagoya Inner Expressway
Nagoya Minami Exit