January 15/annual

Sagicho is a festival to make a bonfire of New Year decorations.
People take their Shimenawa, Kadomatsu, Ema, etc. to a nearby shrine to burn.
This is to ward off evil at the beginning of the year.
It is said that warming yourself at the fire brings you good health.

Recentry, some shrines stop making a bonefire since they care about the environment.
It is good, but it is also sorry not to maintain tradition.
Osu-Kannon still keeps the tradition by covering the fire with nets and separate decorations according to type.

Offering Dharma and shimenawa which served their purpose A sutra is recited
Sacred fire arrived from the main temple At the ceremony, a sutra is recited and the items, which brought by visitors, are burned in front of the spectators. Sticks on which people wrote their wish
are also burned


Volunteers hand a rice cake to the visitors Long line Pray forthe safety of their families and good gealth.

After the ceremony, a rice cake with the words ""(happiness or good luck) is provided.
(Though some of them are a little bit moldy)