Open House of
Kaminoi Brewery and Yamamori Brewery

4th Sunday of February
Participation fee: Free

There are 12 "sake" breweries in Nagoya (Nov. 2008) and three of them are in Odaka, Midori-ku.
Odaka area is famous with the battle of Okahazama (Imagawa Yoshimoto vs Oda Nobunaga) in 1560,
but also popular with sake brewage. Water here was good for producing sake and
people started brewing here in the years of Genroku (1688-1704).
Buildings of both breweries are old and create a special atmosphere.

Kaminoi Brewery since 1856
Kaminoi Brewery front Back view
We can look into the Moromi-tank (fermenting tank) Worth seeing !
In a fermentation tank
Active fermentation
Deliberate bubbles
Shelf of gods/_’IKamidana Malt production is the most important part of
the manufacturing process.
malted rice/•Äkome koji Seed malt/Žítane koji
Tasting Tasting

Yamamori Brewery since 1887
Yamamori Brewery Entrance Look into the tank
Tanks Tools for making malted rice Break
Tasting Tasting Volunteers take us a tour of historical area

In the same area, there is another brewery named Banjo-Jozo äݏæø‘¢ (since 1789).
I am sorry but they don't open the brewery to the view.


Kaminoi Brewery
25 Takami Odaka-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya C.
TEL: 052-621-2008

Yamamori Brewery
74 Takami Odaka-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya C.
TEL: 052-621-2003


Get off at Odaka ‘卂sta. on the JR Line.