Shin'yo Togyo Shinji

May 5th
10:00a.m. -

According to "Nihonshoki (the oldest chronicles of Japan)",
the trasure sword named Ameno-Murakumo-no-tsurugi (Kusanagi-no tsurugi)
was stolen by a priest Dogyo in 668.
He tried to escape to Shiragi (ancient Korean kingdome), however he lost his way because of the bad weather
and returned to Japan again.
Since then the sword had been kept in the Imperial Palace in the then capital Nara.
Then, the next Emperor Tenmu suffered from severe sickness.
People feel something bad, and divined about what happened.
It was because he kept the Ameno-Murakumo-no-tsurugi.
So, in 686, he decided to return it to Atsuta shrine.
Then the revelation said that even the sword tramsfer to Atsuta shrine
gods will protect the Emperors forever.
So, this festival also called "Shinyakusai" which means "the god's promise".

On May 5th, approximately 100 volunteers in graceful costumes make procession
with the treasure of Atsuta Shrine from main shrine to the West gate.
Then they have Shinto ritual called "Kohkyo Chingo" there.

Shito priests enter the front shrine Kagura band and miko dancers Shinto ceremony
ritual Shinto prayer carry the portable shrine marching kagura band
arrive at the West gate The holy treasure is set facing to the west
(maybe to show it to the Emperors
in the Nara period)
offering of dances